Shared Mail

Shared Mail is one of the most cost-effective and highly impactful forms of direct mail advertising options at a fraction of the cost of other direct mail options.

The concept of shared mail originated in the 1980’s when the USPS passed a ruling that allowed multiple advertisers to share the cost of mailing by putting their free-standing advertising into a combined package with other advertisers.

How it works: We prepare professional packages that include your advertisement, along with other select clients, for arrival in mailboxes. We deliver your message on pre-scheduled dates that you select for the best response. By sharing the expense with other businesses, you dramatically reduce your advertising costs. This cost-sharing allows you to deliver powerful marketing direct to every consumer in your target market for pennies per household.

  • Highly cost-effective, typically 1/3 the cost of other direct mail options.
  • Lower costs yield higher returns on investment.
  • Target specific zip codes or geographic areas and reach to every household in the market, providing excellent market coverage.
  • High Impact – our package (and your advertisement) won’t be missed in the mailbox; consumers will see you
  • Mailed advertisements are ‘sticky’ and engage the consumer. According to Valpak, 68% of Americans collect their mail every day with Milleniums spending the most time sorting and reading/opening their mail.
  • Multiple advertising options to fit your needs and budget
  • Our turnkey pricing includes design, printing, processing, postage, and delivery.

Shared Mail Products

Our shared mail products fall into three categories: D-Cards, Inserts, & Wraps.


The D-Card (Detached Address Card) is a freestanding direct mail postcard that is delivered separately in the mailbox but accompanies the Mail New England mail package. Mail New Englands’s address label is printed on half of the back, while the front and half of the back are available for your message. D-Cards must be reserved in advance, as there is only one D-Card per zip code, per mail date.


An insert refers to any piece that is inside the mail package. We offer several turnkey insert products to fit your advertising needs and budget. You may also opt to design and print your own piece and provide it to us for distribution (See our Shared Mail Specifications Guide for basic requirements).

shared mail wrap


The wrap is the outside flyer that holds our mail package together. Typically, it’s 11” x 17” folded to 4-pages. The wrap position must be reserved in advance as there is only one wrap per zip code, per mail date. All flyers mailing in the wrap position are required to include an address block. Any wrap that is not being printed by Mail New England must have the size and placement of this block approved before printing.

MAIL NEW ENGLAND provides you one-stop shopping and turnkey pricing, for the graphic design, printing, and distribution of your mailing piece. You may also opt to design and/or print your own piece and provide it to us for distribution.

Shared Mail Works!

Shared mail is relevant to the needs of every household…groceries, home and car care, dining, home improvement, and much more. It offers a sense of familiarity that is hard to achieve with other advertising mediums.

71% of Consumers read ads that come in the mail*

76% Use printed store circulars to compare prices between brands^

54% Say direct mail ads motivate them to try a new business*


Advertising mail is kept in a household for 17 days on average**

Visit our FAQs page for detailed product specifications, program deadlines, and other helpful information on our shared mail program.

Let Mail New England show you how cost effective and successful a Shared Mail campaign can be.

*Source: Valassis Consumer Study, 2020,   ^ Valassis Consumer Intel Report, 2020,   ** 2022)