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A collection of questions, answers, pdf documents and links provided to help you do business with Mail New England.

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New to Mail New England ?

Q: Pricing

A: Pricing starting as low as 5 cents per home. Contact us for more specific pricing information or a quote.

Q: Turnaround Time

A: Typically, 3-4 weeks. Please see “Deadlines” for more information or contact us.

Q: Shipping Address/Requirements
Q: Basic Payment Terms/Conditions
A:  New Customers
New customers who have not advertised with us in the past will need to complete a credit application to get approved for Net 30 Day terms and want to be invoiced. They may opt instead to pre-pay, 14 days in advance of their mailing, for all advertising until a credit application is completed and on file.

Customers with an existing credit history in good standing at other RFB Advertising LLC properties will not need a to complete a credit application.

Customers who chose to be invoiced for advertising agree to pay the balance on their monthly invoice Net 30 days. Bills are sent the Monday following the in-home date (IHD) their mailing took place. Customers who carry a balance past the 30 days will incur finance charges of 1.5% monthly until the balance is paid in full including any finance charges.

Any customer who fails to pay their advertising bill after 90 will be placed on pre-pay/back pay payment plan. Any new advertising the customer wishes to place must be pre-paid with an equal amount paid to the back balance.

Q: Vocabulary/Definitions

D-Card:  Detached Address Card –  a freestanding direct mail postcard that is delivered separately in the mailbox but accompanies the Mail Maine mail package

Insert:  Any piece that is inside the mail package

Wrap: The outside flyer that holds our mail package together

Stop Mail Request

Mail New England uses the “Every Door Direct Mail” service from the US Post Office.  We do not maintain a “list”.  If you fill out this form, we will ask the Postmaster in your zip code to stop our direct mail delivery to you.  We suggest that you contact your local Postmaster as well.

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Q: Enviromental Statement

A: To be announced.

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